In 2008, Chambra d’Òc launched the campaign “Lenga d’òc  Patrimòni Mondial de l’Umanitat” (Òc language - World Heritage), in order to include the Occitan language and culture within the Intangible Heritage of Humanity list of UNESCO. The campaign has received formal support by the Turin Province (Italy), the Languedoc-Roussillon Region (France), the Aran General Concil (Spain) and by several municipalities and comunità montane (territorial association of a mountain region), cultural associations and university departments. A shared strategy among the three nations involved (France, Italy and Spain) is a fundamental requirement to pursue a common goal at a National and European level.
In order to collect material for the proposal of the UNESCO application, Chambra d’Òc realized the project “L’Occitània a pè” (Hiking in Occitania), a trekking covering 1350 km between Vinadio (Piedmontese Valley, Italy) and Vielha (Aran Valley, Spain). An awareness-raising initiative within Occitania that has involved institutions, cultural associations and sponsors and has provided material available for the UNESCO proposal.